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Recore is an electrical contractor, fully licensed in eleven states, and our RAES division offers solar power systems that capture the energy of the sun to deliver clean, pollution-free electricity. We have over twenty-five years experience in the design and installation of industrial and commercial power distribution systems so you can be assured that your solar system will be properly installed, safe, and meet all electrical codes.

We can design a system that allows you to supplement some or even all of your power needs, reducing your electric bill. We can provide backup power in the event of a utility failure, or even provide electricity to remote buildings, pumps, lighting or commercial structures that are far from power lines.

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Energy independence

By using PV (or photovoltaic) power, you are reducing your dependence on the utility system and you are helping to reduce our country's dependence on coal, natural gas, and foreign oil. By generating energy using the sunlight that falls on your home and business every day, you help our country become more self-reliant and you present your company with a positive image.

Protection against rising electric prices

Installing a solar power system can reduce your exposure to rising energy costs, since some or all of your power needs are in your control, not controlled by utility companies or government. You also have a means of energy supply in event of power grid failure. In most cases, there are also tax incentives to help cover the cost of system installation as well.

Some utility companies, such as Duke Energy, are proposing to pay customers for use of rooftops and land in order to install solar arrays. This is a program where the power utility installs and maintains the solar system and the property owner receives payment based on the amount of space used and the power output from the installation.

For the environment

Solar energy uses the natural, renewable energy from the Sun, and Photovoltaic systems generate no noise, greenhouse gasses, or pollution of any kind. A true benefit of an alternative power system is that you are helping to reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

Basic types of solar systems:

The simplest most efficient PV power system. Your photovoltaic system is tied directly to the grid. Instead of storing surplus energy during the day, you sell your excess power back to the utility using a specially designed inverter. When you need more electricity than the system can produce you simply draw off the grid.

Same basic system as above with the addition of a charging system and batteries to store power. This will provide back-up power during system outages

Systems using other sources of electricity in addition to photovoltaic such as a gas/diesel generator or wind turbine. This can give you added energy independence and provide you with the added benefit of a third charging source for your battery back-up


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